Private Property Impounding

Need a towing and impounding service you can count on? Contact Epic Towing for a reliable and responsive source for your private property impounding needs.

We Work Side By Side With Our Local Business Clients

We serve local area businesses, storage companies, and management companies with private property towing and storage services. If you need your properties towing policy maintained and enforced, we’re here to help you. We pride ourselves in our relationships with our customers and the relationships they have with their customers.

Damage Free Towing

Our team of highly trained professionals are fully licensed and insured, providing you with a quality service that you can trust. We treat all assets as if they were our own and no damage is incurred on any tow.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Towed

We release all impounded vehicles from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. If your vehicle was towed, contact us or show up during open hours to pick it up. Fees and rates vary on a case by case basis. When coming to claim your vehicle, we will need some of the the following information before we can release it to you:

  • Make of Vehicle
  • License or Vin Number
  • Drivers License or Government Issued Photo I.D.
  • Vehicle Registration or Title
  • Car Keys

Homeowners Associations

Contact us to ensure that your HOA has the towing enforcement it needs.

Small Business

Don't have a big time business budget? Don't worry, we can help.

Commercial Properties and Lots

No matter how big the property or location, we can help enforce your towing policies.

Government Buildings and Properties

We're here to serve the local municipalities and governments by enforcing towing regulations on their properties.